$68 Million Ring Made Out of One Solid Diamond!

Shawish Jewellery
There are diamond engagement rings, and then there are DIAMOND engagement rings. Almost all women in hopes of getting married know of the 4C’s used in ranking diamonds, Cut, Clarity, Carat weight, and Color. This rating system, along with the size of the stone and how it is set contribute to the final product’s price. Most people you will meet will have an engagement ring ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 carats. It is suggested that you should spend the equivalent of two months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring.

If you are a rich celebrity, two months’ salary can give you a lot of room to play with when buying a diamond. Kris Humphries spent $2million on the 20 carat ring by Lorraine Schwartz he proposed to Kim Kardashian with. Too bad he doesn’t get it back now that their relationship is over. Mariah Carey also received a $2million dollar engagement ring from Nick Cannon. Cannon worked with famed jewelry designer Jacob & Co to create a 17 carat ring, with a large center square cut stone, and 58 smaller surrounding stones. While the Queen B, Beyonce, gets to rock a $5million 18 carat ring from Jay Z, also created by Lorraine Schwartz.

But now there is a new ring on the market that is set to put all others to shame. The luxury Swiss jewelry makers, Shawish, have created the world’s first and only all diamond ring. It took them a year to obtain the copyright and create the perfect design for the ring. With the use a precision laser they are able to cut a perfect circle out of the diamond for fit, while still maintaining the brilliance of the finished stone. The 150 carat total diamond ring is being estimated to have a value of $68 million!