Toys of the Rich and Famous

With great power comes great responsibility, and with a gigantic wad of cash you can afford to be completely irresponsible! Here are some of the most extravagant and mindblowingly awesome toys made by mankind to grace the exclusive dens of the rich and famous. So sit back and enjoy these delights.

Donald Trump Airplane Photo by Americasroof


$52,000,000 757 Jet

Now that’s a price tag only a billionaire could afford, and this mega beast of a machine was snapped up by Mr Donald Trump himself and refurbished with no expense spared. With wood panelled interiors, white leather and suede interiors, and the Trump personal crest emblazoned in gold at ever opportune moment. This is a vehicle fit for the kings of old. Even the sinks, light fittings and seat belt buckles are burnished in gold. Whilst a hover scooter is in the realms of possibility – this jet would cost more just to look at.

Paul Allen's Yacht Octopus

$45,000,000 The Billionaire Yacht

What list of billionaire spending is complete without a yacht (how else would you get to the island!)– this 193ft boat is owned by Google billionaire Larry Page. Along with a multitude of lounging sun decks, ten luxury suits, a gym and a helipad. And this is a relatively cheap yacht. Paul Allen, Microsoft founder has a yacht valued at 200 million and has it’s very own submarine.

Private Island

$20,000,000 The Private Island

Not technically a toy of sorts, never the less this is probably the one item I would covet most. Imagine chilling out on your own bit of turf in the middle of the ocean – how long would it take before you were re-enacting scenes from Castaway and spray painting Dharma Initiative logos on all the doors. Private Islands Online is currently selling this Brazilian beauty for 20 million dollars. It is 10 minutes off the coast, 9.8 acres. It has plenty of plush sandy beaches, trails, tropical forest and comes with house, swimming pool, and heliport. And best of all they will throw in a free twenty-two foot motor boat.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


$1,700,000 Mercedes McLaren

One of only 75 cars around the world – this is a true niche collector’s item. This car can reach an unbelievable speed of 217mph – which would be brilliant if it came with a windshield. It seems whilst money can buy you a Mercedes, it doesn’t necessarily buy you common sense.



$1,690,000 Triton 1000 Luxury Submersible

This crazy toy is all rage on billionaire yachts these days. U.S. Submarine’s Triton 1000 is a 2 person submarine that is especially designed to fit nicely on a mega yacht. So when you get bored of the yacht movie Theater, bowling alley, and pool, you can jump into your own personal submarine for an underwater tour. This beauty is air-conditioned, controlled by a joystick and has lovely leather seats.


Crystal Bath Tub

£530,000 Baldi Crystal Bathtub

Crafted by the Italian company Baldi, this bath stands at 2metres long and 55cm deep. It is carved out of a one massive crystal, shipped all the way from the Amazon basin. So who owns this deluxe bathing experience? Rumour has it, it was snapped up by a wealthy Russian Oligarch, but no names are named.


$250,000 A Jetpack
Let’s say you are sitting around in your $50 Million mansion and you are bored. Nothing on T.V. and no where to go. But you remember you have a Mexican jet-pack in your garage! So you take it out for a spin. Yes, I know you’re thinking Mexico makes jet-packs? The Tecnologia Aerospacial Mexicana’s Rocket Belt can reach speeds of miles per hour! The company will also give you a complimentary training session on how to use your jet-pack, a machine to manufacture your own rocket fuel, and 24/7 customer support.


Gold Game Boy

$25,000 The Gold Diamond Game-boy

For the person who truly has everything, back when this was released in around 1989 this would have been an extravagant piece of kit – but perhaps now days is an instant piece of classic geek chic. (And it’s not even in colour!).


Hover Scooter

$13,000 Hover Scooter

Possible one of the coolest modes of transport on the internet, and whilst not exactly unaffordable – it’s very much a luxury item. The model here suggests that this is either the perfect way to get to the office, or perhaps the perfect way to navigate the office space. Whilst not endorsed by any celebrities, we can easily imagine a few that would want one if they knew it existed.