An Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Imagine waking up to this view from your bed. Photo courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

What will they think of next! Dubai is synonymous with the luxury lifestyle, outrageous parties, and extravagant accommodations. And soon it will be the world’s first country to have an underwater hotel. The hotel will be known as Water Discus Hotel, and according to Deep Ocean Technology, the company behind the design, the hotel will be below water. Well half of it will be below water, the other half will be above water.

The hotel will be built on discs, one below water and one above water. The underwater disc will be located 10 meters below the surface, will have 21 hotel rooms. There will also be an underwater dive center and bar. The above water disc will contain a restaurant, spa and all around recreation facility.

No opening date has been announced yet, as the building contracts have just been signed, but we are sure that the grand opening will make a big splash!

Dubai is known for its extravagance, visitors are able to visit the world’s biggest indoor ski resort and the world’s most luxurious hotel.