Bugatti One of the Most Expensive Legal Street Cars in the World at over $1 Million
Ettore Bugatti was born in 1881 in Milan and latter moved to Pairs becoming a French National.  He comes from an aristocratic family full of well known artists such as sculptors, jewelry designers, painters and architects.  Ettore began his career by designing engines for other car manufactures.  In 1909 Bugatti founded his own car company under his family name.  His vision was to create the ultimate sport/race car with fine craftsmanship at the heart of the product.

Ettore focused on superior techniques for safety and performance while handcrafting his automobiles.  Some of his unique methods included hand scraped engine blocks, intricately laced safety wires, and minimizing weight.  These details led to the creation of a car that was a winner on the race circuits.  One of its most famous wins was in 1939 when Pierre Veyron (who would latter have a model named in his honor) and Jean-Pierre Wimille used just a single car and limited resources to come in first place.

However, with the death of Ettore Bugatti’s son and World War II the company fell apart.  In 1952 at the Paris Motor Show, Bugatti made its final appearance as a family owned company.  Today the Bugatti company is owned and operated through Volkswagen with Ettore’s original asthetics in mind.  The Bugatti Veyron is made in limited production and is an ultimate status symbol as not only the world’s fastest street legal car, but also most expensive costing over $1 million.  But that is just the beginning.

Not only is this the world’s most expensive car, but notoriously an expensive one to maintain.  It has been joked that it is cheaper to own and travel by a private jet than a Bugatti.  The cost for keeping a Bugatti can be up to $300,000 a year with tires alone costing an average $30,000 to $50,000.  Then there is always the ever increasing cost of gas and insurance.  But, if you are someone like Simon Cowell to whom money really isn’t an issue, but rather status and luxury are what you strive for, than the million plus Bugatti is the ride for you.