Dating For The Wealthy

They say money can’t buy love…but can it? I’ll explain the dilemma.  I have single friends who are looking for Mr Right. The only requisite is that Mr Right is Rich. Not the name, the monetary kind. The kind of guy that every women dreams of meeting, The Rich One. He could be a Doctor, Lawyer, Internet Guru, trust fund child, Wall Street Bankers, Sports Athlete, Music Mogal, etc.

The only requisite is that there is enough money to: Not have to work, and not have to worry about money. The cars, the jewelery, glitz and the glamor is what it’s all about. Vacations year around. Fleets of finest vehicles only the top dogs can afford: Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and more….Finding women who want this is easy. Finding the men used to be the problem…

Welcome to the internet, the place you can “Rent A Friend“…(yes that’s a real site) but if you are looking for someone who’s rich you need to search the right sites. Are there dating sites to meet rich guys online? You bet!

Ladies looking for your perfect match? is the leading website where women can find rich single men. The best part of this site is that every member who is listed on the website has to provide proof of income. Single ladies, this should be your first stop! Visit

Another great website for meeting a rich S.O. is Millionaire Mate which is the largest website that caters to all types of relationships and orientations. They are one of the largest Millionaire matchmaking websites on the net. Visit their site here