Dating The Wealthy: Find Yourself a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma

Are you tired of your basic 9-5, average paying job?  Do you dream of living the life of the fabulous well to do?  Do you feel like you are living life in the middle lane, when you really belong in the fast lane?  Are you realistic in knowing that the odds of stumbling across the wealth to achieve all your dreams is rather small?  Well, then there is in fact hope.  You would be surprised as to just how easy it is (with a little dedication of course) to find and marry your own sugar daddy/momma.

The supper wealthy are in dire need of love and commitment, just as everyone else is.  Often they find it hard to date because all the people they meet are from their own socio-economic groups.  Sometimes, the people they socialize with on a regular basis are only good for that, socializing.  But, to create a lasting, romantic relationship they often find that there are just too many preconceived notions, expectations, and competition amongst their own.  Many members of the upper class are looking for someone not within their class, someone who is a little more down to earth and appreciative of what they have.  This is where YOU have the upper hand, as long as you follow a few rules.

For starters you need to put yourself in the same environments as the wealthy class.  Shop in the same supermarkets, department stores, and boutiques that they use.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend the same amount of money as they would.  But while at the supermarket only carry a hand basket and buy a few items.  At other stores it is perfectly ok to browse around and not spend a dime.  Go to the fancier restaurants and bars, but only order appetizers and nurse one drink- you wouldn’t want to be drunk when meeting someone anyway.  Wealthy people can always be found at charity and gala events.  Volunteering at these events, which gets you in for free, is another great way to meet a rich suitor.  Another great place to volunteer is at a hospital or health clinic where you’ll get the chance to meet plenty of rich doctors.

All in all, with a little creative thinking, there are plenty of places to meet a wealthy person to date.  It’s once you’ve met them that your behavior becomes important.  The last thing a wealthy person wants is to be with a gold digger.  Don’t make it known how interested you are in their money, rather show interest in who they are as a person.  Be appreciative of when they do spend money on you, but don’t ask how much something cost.  It’s the thought, not the cost, that counts.  Try doing something nice for them too.  If you see a little something that makes you think of them buy it.  Again, it doesn’t matter if you spent a lot of money, but that you were thinking of them and wanted to make them feel special.  Don’t be too easy.  Super wealthy people are used to people always saying yes to them.  If you show some restraint, you will not only gain their respect, but drive them wild with wanting you more.  Before you know, you may be headed to the altar.  And, when that happens, offer to sing a prenup before they suggest it.  It will reinforce that you are with them for the right reasons.  And, in actuality if you were to get divorced, a prenup is more likely to help you as well.

So, keep dreaming for best life has to offer you.  One day, if you are in the right place at the right time those dreams just might come true. Check out our “Dating For The Wealthy” here