Glenn Dubin Met His Business Partner In A Sandbox

Photo by Psmckiernan

Glenn Dubin, son of a taxi driver and former hospital administrator was born in Upper Manhattan’s, Washington Heights. When he was five he met future business partner Henry Swieca in a sandbox. Both attended Stony Brook University (where Dubin played football and lacrosse) and both worked at E.F. Hutton. Their profitable partnership  formed Highbridge Capital management with #32 Million in capital. In 2011, Dubin’s networth was $1.6 Billion.

Not satisfied with simply working for someone, Dubin’s ambitions propelled him to pursue greater freedom and opportunity to express his vision by forming his own company.  In 1984, Glen Dubin and Henry Sweica formed Dubin & Swieca, constructing hedge fund portfolios. In 1992 they started Highbridge Capital Management with $35 million in capital. The two decided to name their company after the 19th century aqueduct that connected Washington Heights to the Bronx.  Highbridge Capital Management evolved over the years hedge fund portfolios into a company that managed multiple types of financial assets.  Highbridge Capital Management began to garner attention from other larger financial institutions.  In 2004 J.P. Morgan Asset Management, a division of J.P. Morgan Chase bought controlling interest in Highbridge Capital Management for a reported 1.3 billion dollars.  Glenn Dubin would remain on as CEO, a position he continues to hold.