Jeremy Lin Rags to Riches NBA story

Jeremy Lin, photo by nikk_la
“…and he’s a Harvard graduate”, is what stuck in my mind after watching Jeremy Lin play basketball.  He’s a superstar basketball player that wasn’t drafted, but has graciously arrived spurring what is now known as “Lin-Sanity”. Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard and went undrafted in the NBA lottery.  He was eventually picked up by a few teams, but was cut both times, until the Knicks gave him a shot. At 6’3″, 200lbs, Lin went from being cut to being an all star, in about a weeks worth of time.  He has proven himself to be an amazing basketball player in just few short games.

It’s crazy to think Lin was sleeping on his brother’s couch less than a few weeks ago, while playing in the NBA. Unsure if he was going to get a contract, he camped out on a couch in his brothers place unsure if he would be signed.  Now with a guaranteed $800k contract, Lin is looking for his own place to sleep in. With his action in the first few games, he’s playing more like a seasoned professional, than an undrafted rookie.

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