Justin Bieber Turns 18 Years Old, Looking to spend $14 million on Mansions!

Once I started making my own money I always made sure to save some for when it was my birthday so I could buy myself a little something special.  Concert tickets, a spa day, a new pair of shoes, something I wouldn’t expect from someone else.  When I turned eighteen I bought myself a great leather jacket, which I still have.  Justin Bieber is about to put all my self purchased birthday extravagances to shame as he prepares to spend millions on his eighteenth birthday.

When Patricia Mallette was 18 she became pregnant with Justin.  Whit the help of her parents she raised her son in a low income housing complex in Ontario, Canada.  She worked several different jobs, all for a relatively low pay.  They were just scraping by.  While in school Justin showed interest in the same things other young boys in his school did like sports, keeping his inclinations towards music to himself.  When he was twelve, he took a chance and sang in a music competition, coming in second place.  Pattie posted a video of this performance on You Tube, and continued to post videos of him doing covers of R&B singers on You Tube, which soon became hugely popular.

His You Tube videos became popular enough to draw the attention of Scooter Braun, who with much reluctance, was able to convince Pattie to send Justin to Atlanta, GA to record some demos.  While there Justin got the opportunity to sing for one of his idols, Usher, who soon became Justin’s mentor.  Usher got Bieber signed to L.A. Reid’s Island Records.  In 2009, Justin released his first single that shot to 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 within it’s first week out, shortly after making it to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Since then his successes has just continued to climb!

Today the “Biebs”  sells out concerts worldwide, has albums and singles that are constantly on the top of all the music charts and rated multiplatinum and gold, has a hot girlfriend, is a guest at nearly every major Hollywood and music industry event, spawned hair style trends, and has earned three Grammy nominations, with countless other awards.  And lets not forget his hordes of adoring fans, both young and old.

So, with a net worth of approximately $105 million, is it really a surprise that he has set himself up to buy at least two mega, multimillion dollar homes, and possibly a third?  It is estimated that he will spend at least $14 million on these homes alone.  And that’s just the beginning!  He still has to furnish and decorate, and what would turning eighteen be without a huge elaborate party that he is likely to have as well.  At least he doesn’t have to buy a new car.  Usher and Scooter Braun already got him a $100,000 Fisker Karma.  Happy Birthday to you Mr. Bieber.