Rags to Riches Story of Ryan Seacrest

These days it seems as if Ryan Seacrest has his hand if nearly every form of media and reality television.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Seacrest’s parents, a lawyer and a stay at home mom, raised Ryan in a suburb of Atlanta, GA.  He recalls being a chubby, awkward kid who preferred to be on his own.  But while on his own he fell in love with doing radio work, going on to become the “voice” of his high school.  While in high school he had an internship working on a local radio show as well, and when the regular DJ called in sick, Ryan got the opportunity to fill in for him, and he was hooked.

When he was nineteen, Ryan moved to LA to pursue his dreams of working in radio and broadcasting.  He had a bunch of positions, but it was in 1994 that things really started to click.  He got a job as an afternoon DJ on Star 98.7 in LA.  He was only making $15 an hour, but his show soon became the station’s most popular show.    Between the mid 90’s and the early 2000’s he picked up several TV hosting jobs.  Then in 2002, Ryan accepted a position hosting the American version of an already popular British show, American Idol.  With his big smile, charming boy next door looks, and a voice that was able to speak to multiple generations, the name Ryan Seacrest soon became a household name.

Today, Ryan continues to be the show’s host in its 11th season.  He has taken over for two of his personal idols, Kasey Kasem and Dick Clark, as the host of the radio program American Top 40, and the New Year’s Eve show.  He also has his own daily syndicated radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, of which he is the executive producer.  He learned from Kasey Kasem that one of the ultimate ways to survive in Hollywood is to have ownership in what you do, so he has set out to become the executive producer of much of what he does.  Including his E! Channel programs featuring the Kardashian family.  He also plays host on the E! Network’s celebrity news program and its red carpet events.

He bought a 10,000 square foot mansion in LA for around $11million that is close enough to work for him to leisurely drive to in his Aston Martin.  He is always impeccably dressed in the best designer duds.  He is adored by his everyday fans and celebrity friends.  His salary for American Idol alone is $15 million, which combines with his other ventures to be around $45 million a year.  In about a decade this busy Georgia native has amassed over $125 million dollars.