Rags To Riches Story of The Big Dreams of Eika Batista

Eike Batista by JulianaCoutinho
In 1956 Eike Batista was born to Eliezer Batista and Jutta Fuhrken in Brazil.  As a teenager his parents moved him and his six siblings to Europe for work where he remained even after his parents returned to Brazil when he turned eighteen.  He attended the University of Aachen in Germany, though he dropped out after some time, and began selling insurance policies door to door to make ends meet.  With the skills he learned selling insurance, Eike returned to Brazil in the early 80’s and decided to focus his energies in the gold market.  By the time he was twenty-four his first company, a gold trading firm, was valued at $6 million.

From there his success in the gold and silver mining industry, with eight mines in Brazil alone, continued to climb.  His company’s value was tripled within less than five years.  Currently he is the president of the EBX Group that umbrellas five of his companies that oversee mining, offshore industries, petroleum, energy, and logistics.  He is considered one of the fifty most influential individuals in the global market.  According to Forbes magazine he is a person “whose comments move markets; whose deals set the value of companies or securities; whose ideas and policies shape corporations, governments and economies”.

Not only has he been able to influence the financial markets of the world, but he has fully embraced the new digital media in which we live.  He is an avid twitter user which allows him to stay in connection with more than 550,000 followers whom he updates on his professional as well as personal life.  His twitter fans love to hear of his personal life which includes his passion for speed boat racing.  One of his boats is a custom 48ft kevlar and carbon fiber speed boat, that with supercharged V8 engines and 1600 horsepower can reach speeds of 160 miles per hour.  He was married to Brazilian model Luma de Oliveria from 1991- 2004.  She has appeared in several TV shows and movies, on the cover of Brazil’s Playboy, and as Carnival Queen.  They have two sons together with whom Eike shares his passions for nautical sports.

Today Eike Batista is ranked as the eighth richest person in the world.  His properties alone amount to $7.5 billion, with a personal net worth of around $30 billion.  But, this is far from enough for this self made Brazilian mogul.  He has been very open with his goal of becoming the world’s richest person within the next ten years, hoping to amass more than $100 billion.