Sean Penn Gives Back

On August 17th, 1960 in the town of Burbank, California, a young man was born who would grow to greatly influence the Hollywood community, Sean Justine Penn.  Sean Penn is the son of Leo Penn and Eileen Ryan, two celebrities themselves.  Sean’s father was an actor, writer and director himself throughout the infamous John McCarthy (Beetles) era.  His father was not the only one to draw Sean towards movies as his mom, a famous actress who appeared in a number of the big shows like Bonanza and Marcus Welby, MD was also a huge influence on him.  Their family spent the first ten years of Sean’s life living in different parts of California’s San Fernando Valley, from North Hollywood to Woodland Hills.  Soon after moving to Malibu, Sean attended high school in Santa Monica and ventured into surfing.  Loving to surf is what helped him get his first role that started his acting career.

Since that first role, Sean Penn’s movie carer developed into a steady climb.  Until he has become one of the most noted actors of our time.  He has been honored with many acting awards, including an Oscar.  Sean has been very successful, and one of the ways he loves to share his success through his philanthropic contributions.

Sean Penn has often been known to give of his personal time, influence, and money to help those effected by terrible natural disasters.  When on January 12th, 2010 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0, the strongest to ever hit a small island in more than 200 years, devastated Haiti, Sean immediately responded.  This large quake caused an enormous amount of destruction and the death toll ran into countless numbers which has never really been completely calculated by Haitian Officials.  With the misfortune of this catastrophe diseases emerged, there were insufficient medical facilities, water, food, clothing and shelter to care for the injured or house the homeless.

Sean Penn organized a one night event that helped raise $5 million dollars which was named, “Penn’s Haitian Relief Organization”.   In just one week following the Haiti earthquake, Sean Penn was on the ground in Haiti providing them with much needed medical supplies and a staff of medical doctors.  These doctors began treating people, providing medical supplies and equipment as well as supplying food to the numerous camps and orphanages.  Two years following Haiti’s disastrous earthquake, Sean stills spends a good part of his free time in Haiti overseeing relief programs and reconstruction projects.  Sean works hard to keep the Haitian relief project alive and his work has benefited Haitian people more than any other single contributor’s work since the earthquake hit.

Many celebrities will jump on relief and humanitarian causes to promote their careers or get some publicity in the spotlight while the world is watching a tragedy unfold.  Sean Penn has proven his dedication to the Haitian Relief Project long after the spotlights have dimmed and the rest of the world has seemingly forgotten the disaster.