South Korea is the Hot Spot for Medical Tourism

South Korea is the new hot spot for medical tourism. As reported by The Independent, the country is expanding its one-stop plastic surgery centers to deal with the influx of foreigners flying in for surgical procedures. The government’s goal is to attract one million foreign patients by 2020. This has launched a flurry of marketing campaigns targeted toward Americans, Europeans and other Asian countries. The newest marketing campaigns are geared toward wealthy Middle Eastern countries.

Americans can save as much as 50% on surgery by traveling to Asian countries. The price of a boob job in South Korea is approximately $6,000 which includes the $1,000 flight. South Korea is not the only country in Asia providing great deals on plastic surgery procedures. Over 750,000 people traveled to Thailand in 2008 for medical proposes. Many Americans also visit Latin America countries because of its proximity. Thailand and India are currently the leaders for cheaper orthopedic and cardiac surgery, but now South Korea is fast becoming the place for plastic surgery.

Often package deals are provided for patients, which include sightseeing before the procedure and being pampered in luxury accomodations after procedures. All of which is cheaper in Asia than in the United States.