The $2 Million Gold and Diamond Hermes Birkin Bag

Way back in 1837 Thierry Hermès established a workshop in Pairs to create harnesses and latter saddles for the nobility.  His craftsmanship was highly prized, and he passed his trade down to his sons, who would latter add new products like bags and scarves to meet the needs of their wives.  Throughout the early 1900’s the Hermès line became popular in Europe. Then in 1937 Princess Grace Kelly was photographed holding one of their bags.  It became so popular in Europe and abroad that it was named the “Kelly Bag”.  Then in 1981 Jean-Louis Dumas the current chief executive met actress Jane Birkin.  He created her a hand bag to meet her desire to find the perfect leather weekend hand bag, dubbed the “Birkin Bag”.

Today the Kelly and Birkin bags are coveted fashion status symbols.  Each bag is custom made, by an expert’s hand, not a machine and can take up to eighteen hours to complete.  The finest natural leathers are used and the customer can choose what finishes and hardware they want, making their bag a true original.  Hermès will also take care of any repairs needed to the bag at any time.  The grand price and elusiveness of the bags are part of what leads to its popularity.  The prices can be as much as $150,000.  When someone carries a Birkin or Kelly bag it shows they have taste, style, and the ever so important status.

But now, Hermès has out done themselves.  After two years of rumors, their latest bag has been revealed.  It is a miniature solid gold Kelly bag.  When we say miniature, we mean mini.  It is just big enough to hold possibly some cash, a credit card and lipstick as it sits on your wrist like a bracelet.  It has 1,600 diamonds in its handle and is molded to have the appearance of crocodile skin.  Only four of the bags have been made, of course adding to the allure.

So, who will be one of the lucky four owners of this new min gold Kelly bag?  Whoever it is, I hope they insure it because at a starting price of $2 million, the world’s most expensive bag will definitely need it.