The Best Luxury Vacations Money Can Buy

And you thought you spent a fortune taking the family to the Grand Canyon last year! When you take a look at these vacation packages, you’ll be blown away and most likely packing your bags for one of these adventures.

The Emirate Palace, Abu Dhabi

7 Days at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi – $146,000 Per Day

When it comes to the world’s most expensive vacations, it will be difficult to defeat the 7 day packages offered by the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. It’s been called the world’s first seven-star hotel. Filled with luxury, you get to stay in a 7,000 square foot suite with unlimited room service, your own personal chauffer and butler, and daily spa treatments. You will also enjoy all the food and drinks at the hotel’s 13 bars and restaurants which are the best in the world. If you have an itch to go somewhere, the hotel provides you your own chauffeur driven $410,000 Maybach on demand.  The hotel also provides luxurious day trips by private jet. And just where do those day trips go? You will go to Iran, where you will get to receive a handmade Persian rug that is completely customized. Or you can travel to Bahrain for deep sea diving or the Dead Sea for spa treatment before exploring history of Jordan. And if that’s not enough you can access to ultra-exclusive Abu Dhabi Gold Club and go home with your own personalized perfume from a fragrance expert.

Villa on Necker Island

Necker Island, Virgin Islands$51,000 Per Day

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a luxury home on a privately owned island? Richard Branson’s exclusive Necker Island resort offers you total seclusion, while you’re pampered in style. The island home features 60 staff members who will cater to your every whim. The island also has 200 flamingos and is entirely surrounded by coral reef, famous with snorkelers. You can rent a personalized underwater submarine, go whale watching on an exclusive boat, and then enjoy a luxurious sunset on a white sand beach.

Go exploring throughout the island and see some exclusive wildlife. You might even rub shoulders with some celebrities who have stayed there in the past, like Kate Winslet and Mariah Carey. Google co-founder Larry Page had his wedding on the island.

Nygard Cay at Sunset

Nygard Cay, Bahamas – $42,000 Per Day

If you are looking for extreme extravagance, then you need to take your vacation in the Bahamas and stay at Nygard Cay. Inspired by designer Peter Nygard, who wanted to have an adventure playground to call his home,  live your days in the style of Robinson Crusoe – assuming Crusoe had extreme luxury at his fingertips. At this island fantasy there are water slides, a human aquarium and jacuzzi’s galore. If you’re tired of playing around on the island, a 70 foot yacht will take you exploring.

Hundreds of craftsmen used tons of stone to create the main structures on Nygard Cay to resemble a colossal pre-Columbian village. The Cay is inspired by Mayan architecture. Major celebrities who have stayed at Nygard Cay at least once include Michael Jackson, George Hamilton, Sean Connery,  Robert DeNiro and Oprah Winfrey.

Pool at The Hugh Heffner Suite

The Hugh Hefner Suite, Las Vegas – $34,000 Per Day

Maybe island romance or international adventure isn’t for you. Maybe the the thrill of a poker game, front row seats to an award winning show, and around the clock butler service is what you need for an extravagant vacation. If that best describes you, then look no further than the  Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms in Las Vegas. Why do you want to book it right away? Because T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Common, and Kanye West like this suite and book it regularly, that’s why. Your rooftop pool overlooks the Strip in Las Vegas. You have a staffed poker table in your room, several large screen TVs for whatever you want, and the bed even rotates. If you want domestic luxury in the United States, you will be hard pressed to find something better than this. And don’t worry – if you’re lucky  at the poker table, your winnings can offset the $34,000 stay at the suite.

Isla de sa Ferradura

Isla de sa Ferradura – $33,000 Per Day

If you are looking for true tropical seclusion, then you need Isla de sa Ferradura. Located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain, you get 14 acres of paradise to explore, including a waterfall and a system of caves. After you’ve exerted yourself  hiking, be sure to take advantage of the island spa, pampered in true natural luxury. In order to partake in this luxury, you have to book an entire week at a time, so plan on shelling out $230,000 minimum for this piece of paradise.

Villa Bellissima

Villa Bellissima, Tuscany – $20,000 Per day

If  Italian country landscapes, beautiful sunsets, and plenty of wine are what you seek in a vacation then you want to stay at the Villa Bellissima in Tuscany. You still have access to modern facilities in this eighth-century farming town located on an ancient road to Rome, as well as access to the best winemakers and vineyards, for which Tuscany is famous.