The Ultimate Bike: Ecosse Spirit ES1 for only $3.6 Million

Do you crave speed?  Does two wheel and a motor mean fine art to you?  Do you have plenty of money to burn?  If so the new Ecosse Spirit ES1 is just for you.  With the collaboration of one American, Don Atchison, and two Brits, Richard Glover and Andy Le Fleming a revolutionary motorcycle was conceived.

The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is unlike any motorcycle on the market.  The super bike of super bikes, if you will.  Don became a dirt bike enthusiast in his youth, prompting him to leave the corporate world and focus on his passion for motorcycles.  Richard and Andy are two of the top engineers and designers for Formula 1 racing.  With the same principals used in building F1 cars, the team created the fastest, lightest bike available.  Its speed comes from the ultra light aerodynamic design and powerful engine.  It is made with a frameless chassis covered in carbon fiber and a luxe leather seat.  The driver sits in a position that allows the knees to be close to the body for greater ergonomics and control.  Also it uses a different suspension system for both front and rear suspension, along with handlebars mounted to the front fork for superior front tire control.  It weighs about 265 lbs, and can go around 230 miles per hour.  This is a motorcycle that truly performs like a F1 car.

The Ecosse team knows that the true motorcycle coinsure wants to be involved with their bike.  To meet these needs any perspective buyer will first meet with the design team to specifically build the bike to fit their needs.  Simple things like color and finish, as well as more complex details such as engine power and speed are decided by both the buyer and the team.  Next, Ecosse will set up a minimum of a two week training period with a championship racer for the buyer to truly learn what to expect from their new superbike.  And perhaps the most alluring aspect of the new Ecosse Spirit ES1 Titanium Series is that there will only be ten of these bike manufactured.

So, if you want to be one of these lucky ten owners, get in line.  But make sure you bring your check book, because this limited edition super bike has a starting price of $3.6 million.