Using Drone Videos to Promote Your Real Estate Projects

Drone VideosAerial Drone Photo

Drones have revolutionized aerial photography and videography, and up until recently, were largely inaccessible to everyday people. Before the advent of video-capable unmanned vehicles, obtaining aerial photography was considerably more labor intensive. To view the world from above, people went to great lengths to defy gravity, enlisting the help of planes and helicopters. Now, drones can do the same high quality work for a fraction of the cost, making aerial photography accessible to anyone.

Pictures speak a thousand words

We are frequently running into limitations in terms of perspective when it comes to photography. Nowadays, the perspective from which a picture is taken is sometimes more important as the subject itself. Drone photography allows for an expansion of those limitations.

Contrary to planes and helicopters, where costs can quickly mount, a drone with a camera will allow you to take sweeping aerial shots both cost-efficiently and quickly.

Capturing a great aerial photo is a talent, one that your drone can help you to accomplish. As with photography, aerial videography is simply the art of taking videos from the sky. Both have their uses, and both are heavily used in many different facets of business, with the real estate industry being one of the leaders.

Drones and real estate photography

What was at one time reserved for luxury home listings, it is now commonplace for aerial photos to pop up in ads for moderately priced listings. This is thanks to the use of relatively inexpensive drones.
Drone videos has become especially popular in areas where beaches, vineyards, water, and hills, can lend something extra to even the most mundane of homes. Your aerial photos and videos will aid you in attracting investors and clients to your property.

Aerial pictures can be used on just about any type of advertising media, including: printable brochures, web sites, magazines, billboards, etc. Because your drone has a high-definition camera, it is the obvious choice for individuals or companies interested in professional real estate advertising.

Using drones, you can add aerial shots to your online listing in a cost-effective manner, rather than using conventional ground-based photos and videos for your project. Employing drones for your real estate advertisements means that you can obtain great pictures and drone videos from a bird’s-eye view, providing your customers with a much more comprehensive view of the property.

Wow your perspective customers with panoramic aerial shots that competitors aren’t able to match, and assist your investors and buyers in understanding the unique aspects of your property listing.
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What can real estate drone videos do for you?

Drone technology, and employing the use of the quality aerial photos and videos that they provide can completely turn around a failing real estate company’s marketing efforts. A real estate company can increase the capture of quality leads with the strategic posting of aerial photos or videos by up to 400 percent.

In an age where the average home buyer will begin their search online, it is extremely important to meet your clients where they begin their buying process, even before you’ve made face-to-face contact.
This relatively new form of real estate marketing is not yet widely used by real estate agents. By jumping on the drone bandwagon now, you will be ahead of the curve, and receive a return on your investment.  Visit for more information and to place an order today. ( also sells Drone Stock Footage)