Where Can You Buy Most Expensive Sandwich In the World? Dubai Of Coarse!

Once again Dubai is on our most expensive list. Not only does Dubai sport the most expensive and luxurious hotels and shopping malls, but now it holds the title for having the most expensive sandwich. The Rostang Brasserie located in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai sells the most expensive sandwich currently on the market for $84.  Concocted by Michel Roastan, world-renown chef, the sandwich is made out of black Perigord truffes.

Timeout Dubai reports that Rostang first made the sandwich 10 years ago. He loves truffles and during the truffles season his restaurants in Paris use more than 400 pounds of truffles. Rostang’s truffle sandwich is made with 4 simple ingredients: truffles, bread, fine French salt and French butter. Lots of butter! Slather two pieces of bread with French butter, place the truffles on the bread, sprinkle some salt and press the bread together firmly. Put the sandwich in the refrigerator for 24 hours before grilling it.

If you are into trivia, the most expensive sandwich in history was created by British chef Martin Blunos. He used bespoke cheddar cheese, white truffles, quail eggs, heirloom black tomato’s apple, fig and a 100-year old balsamic vinegar dressing. And lastly he sprinkled gold dust  as the final ingredient. How much did this sandwich cost? Only $175, but it had gold dust!

Isn’t it time for lunch now?