Whitney Houston Buried in $500,000 of Jewelry

Whitney Houston was a legendary singer, who’s legacy will endure for many years to come. In many respects she was a diva, with a voice that many felt was a gift of god. Harkening to the days of Pharaohs where rulers were buried with their prized possessions, Whitney was buried in $500,000 worth of jewelry. Not even Michael Jackson has such luxury at his funeral, he just had a $25,000 gold casket.

The National Enquirer posted a picture which sparked a lot of outrage. It shows Whitney in her coffin wearing a purple dress. According to reports she was buried in a gold lined casket that cost more than $15,000 and had on a diamond brooch and diamond earrings.

Because of the jewelry she was buried in, the Houston family hired 24-hr security guards for her grave site.