Worlds Most Expensive Yachts

What’s the ultimate toy for a billionaire? The list is endless, but we at Rags to Riches would argue that it’s a yacht. All the international billionaires are acquiring yachts. What is it about yachts that are super sexy? We love the privacy, extravagance, and unlimited travel opportunities that come with owning a yacht. Whether you want to sail from New York to the Caribbean or from Monaco to Santorini, a yacht is the ultimate status symbol that you’ve made it. Our favorite thing about a yacht is the sun deck. So get out your bikini’s because we’re giving you the low-down on the most expensive yachts in the world.
Octopus – $200MPhoto by Getallinfo
Octopus – $200M For a cool $200 million you could own Octopus. No Paul Allen, owner of this beautiful vessel is not selling, but if he was that’s what it would be worth. This lovely lady has two submarines and two helicopters, just in case you get bored of sunbathing on the sun deck. The yacht also has a pool. Who’s Paul Allen? Only,the co-founder of Microsoft. He is the 57th richest man in the world ranking the same as Viktor Vekselberg and Gerald Cavendish, with an estimated wealth of $13 billion as of 2011. The Octopus is currently the 12th largest yacht in the world and the fifth largest that is not owned by a head of state.
Ecstasea – $200M Photo by Axou
Ecstasea – $200M The former owner of this beauty is Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich (current owner of Chelsea Football Club). She was sold in 2009 by yacht brokers Merle Wood to an unknown Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates. Many in the yachting world believe that Egyptian socialite Sonja Zuckerman bought the yacht. The Ecstasea was a special commission by Abromovich in 2004 and is the largest yacht ever built by Feadship.
Al Salamah – $200M Al Salamah is owned by the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabian Defense Minister. The yacht has an indoor pool with a glass roof. In 2011 it was the 7th largest yacht in the world. The yacht also has a move theater, library, business center, gym, spa and two full-time beauticians. There is also a fully equipped hospital onboard.

Photo by Svedenhaus
Rising Sun – $200M Approx. Rising Sun is currently owned by David Geffen, American media mogul; it was formerly owned by Larry Ellison of Oracle. This superyacht has a wine cellar, a basketball court (that doubles as a helipad when necessary) and a movie theater. It also comes with 82 rooms. Rising Sun is 138 meters long but was meant to be 120 meters. Rumor has it that Ellison wanted a bigger boat that Paul Allen’s so he made his longer than the Octopus. Allen’s Octopus was launched while Rising Sun was being constructed. The Rising Sun costs $13 million a year to maintain.
Lady Moura – $210M This could be, by far the coolest yacht to be built! It has an on-board beach, which is made up of a hydraulic platform covered in sand that is lowered to just below the waterline. Guests suntan and swim, while hanging out on the Lady Moura. It is owned by Nasser al-Rashid, Saudi Arabian businessman and advisory to the Saudi royal family. The name and yacht emblem are carved from 24 carat gold.
Torsten Bolten
Al Mirqab – $250M Approx. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, the Prime Minister of Qatar is the proud owner of this beauty. We can’t even call this a yacht, it’s a superyacht. This superyacht won the “Motor Yacht of the Year” award at The World Superyacht Awards and the “Best Interior Design” in 2009. One of the coolest features of Al Mirqab is a beautiful staircase decorated with hand cut crystal panels and artwork by American glass sculpture Dale Chihuly.
Photo by Qatarperegrine
Al Said – Estimated $250M Codenamed Project Sunflower during its construction, this is the most private yacht on our list. Very few pictures of its interior exist. Sultan Qoobas bin Said al Said, Sultan of Oman owns the Al Said. The only thing known about the yacht is that it contains a concert hall large enough for a 50 piece orchestra

Photo Imre Solt
Dubai – $300M Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Shiek Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, owns the Dubai yacht. The Dubai is the second largest yacht in the world, second after the Eclipse. The Dubai has 5 VIP suits, a garage for a submarine, and a landing pad for a Blackhawk helicopter.
Reinhard Kraasch
Eclipse – $800M Approx. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is the owner of Eclipse. Abramovich got this yacht on sale, paying $485 million, while it cost $800 million to construct. What are the two most important features of this giga yacht that no Russian billionaire can live without? An anti-paparazzi laser that fires a beam at any nearby photog’s lens destroying the photos, and an anti-missile defense system! Jealous? You can have a piece of the Eclipse; Mr. Abramovich is renting the yacht for $2 million a week. Mr. Abramovich, can Rags to Riches have a ride on your yacht free?
History Supreme – $4.8B Hoax or Truth? Many don’t believe that someone would pay $4.8 billion for a yacht. It is not known who officially owns this yacht, but in the yachting industry it is rumored to be Robert Kuok Hock Nien, the richest person in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The 100 ft yacht is built with more than 100,000 kg of precious metals including gold and platinum. The yacht is decorated with t-rex bones and meteoric stone.